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How to Take Advantage of Online Reviews

| January 21, 2016


Technology has brought in a number of changes to our lives and the way we conduct business. These days, due to the increased usage of the internet, customers are more knowledgeable than before, and they can search and compare your products or services with similar ones. In this regard, reading reviews is probably one of the first steps that many people take before making buying decisions. Based on some researches, 80 percent of the internet users consult online reviews before making a purchase. That shows the importance of using online reviews to get more customers and consequently…


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A True Story by Ali Asadi

| December 17, 2015


When I first met James in August 2006, he owned a retail store in one of the small cities in Southern California. Although James was a hard worker, he was trying to take care of his health and his family as well. He had recently married and was proud of his choice. As a business coach who had seen many business owners, the emphasis that James put on the balance between work and life was very impressive to me. One day during our meeting, I told him “James! I enjoy the way…


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What Must You Know About Your Customers?

| November 9, 2015


Analyzing your customers in the light of the market helps build a bridge between market trends and customers. Every business is there to satisfy customers. But in order to be able to do that, it is vitally important to know who your customers are and what factors drive them to your business. Once you begin your situational analysis, collect important information about the most important people for your business—your customers. Here are some questions that you must ask: Who are your typical customers? (Do you actually have “typical” customers?) Can you classify…

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How to Communicate Effectively with Your Employees

| July 5, 2015


Sometimes, we forget that employees are not mind readers. Even the best-intentioned employees will only do what they think is the best for the company and its customers. Your job is to ensure that what the employee thinks is the best is really so.   Even when you are communicating extensively, make sure that the message reaching all employees is the message you are seeking to give. For example, you may do something to save money, while employees may take it to mean their jobs are not secure.   This kind of…


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